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We help companies close the gap between strategy and execution with our AI Blueprint.


Ready to become more profitable with AI?

Companies that bake AI directly into the way they do their work on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis are setting themselves up for success for an AI-powered world. Our BlueprintAI will show you how, step-by-step.

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Simple has been monumental for my business. In mere hours, I've launched a new venture, thanks to lessons from the Academy. It's about transformative business development. The program simplifies complex concepts, empowering practical application and action. Truly a game changer.

Peter Liptak, CEO

Simple has transformed my approach to business. It focuses on practical AI applications for daily activities, sparking fresh, applicable ideas each day. Complexities are skillfully simplified, making AI an accessible tool rather than an intimidating concept. It's about taking action, making AI work for us, not the other way around.

Robert Doucette, President and Founder

Simple has truly demonstrated the transformative power of AI. It stands apart with its well-structured approach and tangible focus on generating income. The training not only provides ideas and information but guides us with a 'how-to' rolled out in an organized, scalable manner. I've explored various AI trainings, and what Simple offers is undoubtedly the best in the field."

Simon Hatherell, CEO, Vanilla Rentals


Ready to make the world’s best business ideas actionable, with AI?

LeaderAI is our program to help growth-minded leaders take the world’s best business ideas, and put them into action with AI. To understand what we mean, book a demo, pick a topic, and we’ll show you the magic of the combination of big ideas and AI tools.

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Understanding the quick development principles and different execution tactics has been a key takeaway. Simple's pragmatic approach that doesn't require extensive technical knowledge is very accessible.

Steve Brody, CEO

Simple has been very helpful in explaining how AI will alter the way we do business. We're getting in at an early stage, aiming to become first movers in this revolutionary field.

Marian Howley, CEO

Simple has unlocked an array of opportunities that I'd previously felt overwhelmed by. Now, I understand that there are so many more opportunities out there than I ever thought possible. The emphasis on action over overthinking is particularly valuable for business owners like myself.

Ginger Turner, Co-Owner


Ready to start engaging clients and employees with AI-powered learning?

CoachAI is our program that gives coaches and companies the ability to license our LeaderAI program for their clients or employees. You’ll also get access to several launch tools to help you find new clients (if you are a coach) and engage your employees (if you are a company).

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Expanding my vision to see what AI can do for my business has been transformative. Simple’s direct approach leads to a simplification of the process and encourages new ideas to broaden the opportunities available.

Lei Comerford, Executive and Leadership Coach

Simple has demystified the use of AI, providing a community of like-minded individuals moving towards a shared goal of integrating AI into our businesses. The hands-on, exploratory approach, coupled with a clear goal to leverage AI in our businesses, is a golden combination.

Andrew Dornan, Leadership Coach & Coach Supervisor

Simple recognizes the entrepreneurial potential of AI and is on a mission to give that power to those who want to take immediate advantage of this once-in-generation opportunity. They're an experienced and generous guide, and I'm excited to join them on this journey.

Terri Lonier, Founder of the Solopreneur Movement


Want to become the expert companies turn to for help to integrate AI into their business practices?

ActivatorAI is our program to you advise companies as a consultant, or to become the expert at your company, using our BlueprintAI business execution system. Every company on the planet will be trying to figure out how to become AI-enabled in 2024, and we’ll get you ready to help.

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Being taught how to anticipate where the real value of AI is going to be next and how to get there ahead of the crowd has been a game-changer. The practical, in-depth focus on business applications is unique.

Scott Henderson, Consultant

With Simple, I'm learning how easy it is to use AI, saving lots of time from my initial AI projects, and having hope that I can offer independent short trainings to serve the microlearning needs of organizational leaders and add another stream of business revenue.

Cathie Leimbach, President & Senior Trainer

Simple has given me the insight that I can become the authority in my niche. This is a testament to the practical application-focused approach of Simple, truly showing that AI can empower individuals and businesses to lead in their fields.

Avraham Lewis, Coach


Ready to start making money with AI?

ConnectorAI is our FREE program to help you start to build your AI-powered revenue streams. You’ll learn how to build an AI-powered newsletter, and start to profit from the AI opportunities all around you.

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Simple excels in embedding a high level of knowledge within a money-making framework. It is a step ahead with its business-building focus, providing a sophisticated yet easy-to-follow process. While others are still navigating prompt-building, Simple stands at the cutting edge, offering the most current and practical AI training.

Diane Lazarowicz, President

The mindset that Simple conveys and encourages everyone to have in order to see the limitless potential of the opportunity has been a game-changer. Also the discussions around frameworks as a way to solve problems has been priceless.

Rob Boutet, Entrepreneur

I've just begun and in two sessions I already have a new relationship with AI. Simple is introducing me to steps I can take to harness the power of AI within my business - and the steps are real-time applicable.

Mary Ostrowski, Business Owner