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How is this different? We focus on business results instead of tools

We asked our members, "What value have you received from AI Academy, and how is it different than other AI training? Here's what they said.

"AI Academy has been monumental for my business. In mere hours, I've launched a new venture, thanks to lessons from the Academy. The focus here goes beyond AI for copywriting; it's about transformative business development. The program simplifies complex concepts, empowering practical application and action. Truly a game changer."

Peter Liptak, CEO

"Steve has a sharp focus on helping each of us learn how we can better serve our colleagues/clients by creating more value using AI tools. The AI Academy members are a diverse and highly experienced group that are generously sharing their learnings as we forge ahead together in our quest to become AI enablement experts along with Steve."

Janet McNicholas, Chief Legal Officer, Life Sciences

Exploring the AI Academy, I discovered the true value of artificial intelligence in product creation. The course was intelligently designed, prioritizing business implications over technical complexity. As a creator, this unique approach allowed me to effortlessly learn and apply generative AI to my work. If you're a business-minded individual eager to delve into AI-based product development, this Academy is an excellent place to start.

Gaurav Bhargava, Creator

AI Academy facilitated an accelerated understanding of AI application in daily business operations. Steve's model, pushing us to actively engage and harness AI, stands out compared to other programs. His relentless exploration into AI's potential is reshaping our business thinking. Truly excellent.

Rich, CEO, The Noble Factory

AI Academy's unique focus on product creation has been instrumental in my journey. The clear, practical guidance they provide has allowed me to envision and harness the potential of revenue generation through AI tools in my workflow. Their hands-on approach and real-world examples simplify complex AI concepts, making them easily applicable.

Susan Wheeler-Hall, Owner - Suzy Web

AI Academy's toolkit is genuinely exciting and promises to be more tailored to my specific use cases. The approach they take in simplifying complex AI concepts and demonstrating their practical application is unparalleled. I'm eagerly anticipating further exploration of how the Academy can enhance my understanding and application of AI.

Lori, Co-Founder

AI Academy is a goldmine for anyone seeking to build an AI-driven business. It's more than just learning about AI; it's about gaining practical, actionable insights. The instructors' emphasis on real-world examples and the inclusion of inspiring case studies truly sets it apart. The hands-on projects, interactive tutorials, and the vibrant community it fosters, all contribute to an enriched learning experience.

George Terry, General Manager

AI Academy excels in embedding a high level of knowledge within a money-making framework. It is a step ahead with its business-building focus, providing a sophisticated yet easy-to-follow process. While others are still navigating prompt-building, AI Academy stands at the cutting edge, offering the most current and practical AI training.

Diane Lazarowicz, President

AI Academy has provided me with the tools to develop and test multiple products within a short time frame. Their simple, direct approach is perfect for anyone wanting to venture into AI-related markets. If, like me, you feel the winds of change building towards a seismic shift, AI Academy is the ideal platform to prepare for it.

Scott Certain, Software Developer / Instructor

AI Academy has opened my eyes to how AI can revolutionize my efficiency and creativity. It's not just about the technical details or potential of AI; it's about producing valuable, time-saving content for my audience. The focus on practical, immediate application is a game-changer. I'm eagerly looking forward to harnessing the power of AI swiftly and effectively.

Winona Reinsma, Self-Employed in Multiple Fields

Seeing an application of AI that is directly relevant to me and my clients has been truly enlightening. Steve's authentic approach and commitment to providing value through AI, rather than simply chasing profits, sets this training apart. He shares his personal experiences, revealing what works, what doesn't, and why.

Dom Goucher, Consultant

The weekly teaching and Q&A sessions have been the most valuable aspect of the academy. Steve's hands-on approach, creating resources in real time, provides a level of personal interaction that is often lacking in other courses. This practical, real-world approach is refreshingly authentic.

LaDeana Valenzuela, CW Supervisor

Learning about the ways AI can help my business and implementing it in between classes has been an exciting journey. The AI Academy stimulates my creativity and fuels my ambition to build a competitive advantage through AI. The opportunity to learn alongside others in the Academy is a perfect fit for me.

Jennifer Williams, Consultant

The academy has given me the insight that I can become the authority in my niche. This is a testament to the practical application-focused approach of AI Academy, truly showing that AI can empower individuals and businesses to lead in their fields.

Avraham Lewis, Coach

The specific business strategies in creating an AI-focused business have been incredibly inspiring. The Academy's focus on combining our current skills with AI to create unique market offerings sets it apart from other trainings. The vision of a community-oriented learning platform is appealing.

Kyle Behrend, Manager

The breadth of AI knowledge coupled with a strong business focus has been a game-changer for me. The Academy helps me understand 'how-to', guiding me to turn the concept of the protocol into practice.

Roger Puttick, CEO

"The AI Academy has transformed my approach to business. It focuses on practical AI applications for daily activities, sparking fresh, applicable ideas each day. Complexities are skillfully simplified, making AI an accessible tool rather than an intimidating concept. It's about taking action, making AI work for us, not the other way around."

Robert Doucette, President and Founder

"AI Academy has shone a light on the practical application of AI in business. Their action-oriented approach and the incorporation of real-life case studies sets them apart from other trainings. Not only does it deepen your understanding of AI, but it equips you with the skills to drive tangible growth. The journey with AI Academy has been thrilling - learning, implementing, and watching results unfold."

David Baer, Marketing Strategist, The Prepared Group

Applying AI concepts to solve business challenges has been the most valuable part of the academy for me. The emphasis on action, problem-solving, and learning from like-minded innovators in the community, accompanied by real-time case studies, has made this experience truly valuable.

Jim Ball, Business Transformation Lead

The real-life examples of using AI in business applications have been invaluable. Learning how to utilize AI to enhance existing businesses and even create new ones makes the Academy unique. Being on this journey with a visionary like Steve is an exceptional experience.

Robbie King, Founder

Learning how to structure your content library has been a key takeaway from the AI Academy. The ongoing support, including both the training and coaching calls, is unparalleled. The Academy guides you to build your content library, even when you're unsure what your audience might want to learn about.

Hannah Verrall, Business Architect

Learning about efficient content creation has been a game-changer. The Academy's succinct and to-the-point approach sets them apart, allowing me to dive right into practical applications without any unnecessary fluff.

Stephan Meyer, Director

Steve has been very helpful in explaining how AI will alter the way we do business. We're getting in at an early stage, aiming to become first movers in this revolutionary field.

Marian Howley, CEO

The Academy has unlocked an array of opportunities that I'd previously felt overwhelmed by. Now, I understand that there are so many more opportunities out there than I ever thought possible. The emphasis on action over overthinking is particularly valuable for business owners like myself.

Ginger Turner, Co-Owner

The Academy's focus on problem-solving rather than getting caught up in shiny tools has been a breath of fresh air. The speed of implementation that the Academy encourages is a real standout.

Richard Nicholas, Lawyer

Steve takes AI beyond theory and explains in plain English what he's doing to make money. This approach has spurred a deeper thought process, helping me develop my ideas faster and more effectively.

Lane Vance, Director of Operations

The Academy has demystified the use of AI, providing a community of like-minded individuals moving towards a shared goal of integrating AI into our businesses. The hands-on, exploratory approach, coupled with a clear goal to leverage AI in our businesses, is a golden combination.

Andrew Dornan, Leadership Coach & Coach Supervisor

Understanding the quick development principles and different execution tactics has been a key takeaway. The Academy's pragmatic approach that doesn't require extensive technical knowledge is very accessible.

Steve Brody, CEO

Seeing how Steve and other members are implementing what is being taught has been enlightening. Steve's openness in sharing his methods and successes instills confidence that I can do the same.

Kiriam, Loan Officer

The Academy has opened my eyes to the possibilities of AI. The sharing of actionable strategies and insights that have immediate applications sets it apart. I've tried many things before but this works. I tried the Steve's training and I had 15 M&A investors sign up for my podcast!

Andrew McBarnett, Group Finance Director

The ability to see the opportunity for AI use in a unique AI Implementor role, and the shift in mindset to focus on profit generation, has been pivotal.

Michael Hays, CEO

Being taught how to anticipate where the real value of AI is going to be next and how to get there ahead of the crowd has been a game-changer. The practical, in-depth focus on business applications is unique.

Scott Henderson, Consultant

Seeing how you can actually create products and earn income by using AI sets this training apart. Unlike other more conceptual trainings, this one is hands-on, guided by someone who is actually profiting from AI.

Sean, Realtor

Using AI to get a product created in just one week was remarkable. This training truly represents the shortest path to cash, helping us join those already profiting from AI instead of just learning about its potential.

Steve Lacy, Business Owner

"AI Academy has truly demonstrated the transformative power of AI. It stands apart with its well-structured approach and tangible focus on generating income. The training not only provides ideas and information but guides us with a 'how-to' rolled out in an organized, scalable manner. I've explored various AI trainings, and what AI Academy offers is undoubtedly the best in the field."

Simon Hatherell, CEO, Vanilla Rentals

"AI Academy is more than just a training platform; it's a source of inspiration and hope. Their unique approach simplifies complex AI concepts, making them accessible and applicable in the real world. They empower us with the practical knowledge to leverage AI effectively. Thanks, AI Academy, and keep up the excellent work!"

Joe McBreen, Assistant Superintendent of Innovation

The Academy quickly adapted my understanding of what's possible with AI/GPT chat, enabling me to apply what I've learned both in my current work and my quest to start something new.

Laurie K, Sr Operations Analyst, Business Transformation Services

Efficiently learning the power of ChatGPT and how it can be a game changer for adding value to current and future customers with a fraction of the effort has been a great benefit. Steve's clarity, organization, and passion about AI opportunities are inspiring.

Dan, Entrepreneur

Steve has done a masterful job explaining the AI process, the opportunities it brings, and how to maximize its functions for the most effective results. His conversion of this understanding into actionable steps to take has been invaluable.

Greg Kell, CEO - Kell Leadership Solutions

Expanding my vision to see what AI can do for my business has been transformative. Steve's direct approach leads to a simplification of the process and encourages new ideas to broaden the opportunities available.

Lei Comerford, Executive and Leadership Coach

The strategy to create 30 podcasts and syndicate them -- and then also use the same audio to convert into videos for Youtube -- was mindblowing. Steve's ability to get straight to the point with fluff-free, actionable, specific content is highly appreciated.

Chris Farrell, Owner - BitcoinBrits

I've just begun and in two calls already have a new relationship with AI. The AI Academy is introducing me to steps I can take to harness the power of AI within my business - and the steps are real-time applicable.

Mary Ostrowski, Owner

The AI Academy stands out thanks to its distinct emphasis on taking action and achieving tangible outcomes. It goes beyond mere comprehension of AI principles and centers on leveraging AI to drive actual transformation and progress through AI enablement.

David Stubbs, Co-founder

Great detailed education on how to use ChatGPT directly to immediately make it your powerful personal assistant for marketing and education/content creation! Steve also creates awareness of other ChatGPT based tools to help in the marketing and content delivery process.

Jon, Coach

The Academy has opened my eyes to doing resource-intense projects I've wanted to do, but lacked the bandwidth and time to do it.

M Taylor, Founder

The mindset that Steve conveys and encourages everyone to have in order to see the limitless potential of the opportunity... Also the discussions around frameworks as a way to solve problems has been priceless.

Rob Boutet, Entrepreneur

I'm thrilled by the focus on continuous learning. Given how rapidly the AI landscape is changing the Academy has allowed me to keep up to date, and more importantly, keep the focus on how to add value to the work I'm doing.

Abhijat Saraswat, Founder / Podcast Host

Steve's ability to simplify and systematize the process using AI to scale our businesses and profit has been extremely valuable. The clear focus on how to rapidly monetize AI and enhance our level of expertise is exciting.

Dr. Ron Eccles, Speaker/Author/Business Consultant

Steve recognizes the entrepreneurial potential of AI and is on a mission to give that power to those who want to take immediate advantage of this once-in-generation opportunity. He's an experienced and generous guide, and I'm excited to join him on this journey.

Terri Lonier, Founder of the Solopreneur movement and author of the Working Solo book series and newsletter

I came into this academy knowing next to nothing about AI. The information and ideas shared in the Academy have given me a basic understanding of the potential for the AI tool. This is the best AI training I ever attended.

Don Ramage, FocalPoint Master Business Coach & Trainer

Learning the steps and process Steve is showing us to streamline and speed up content production... Really appreciate the focus on practical steps and examples.

Janine, CEO

Learning how easy it is to use AI, saving lots of time from my initial AI projects, having hope that I can offer independent short trainings to serve the microlearning needs of organizational leaders and add another stream of business revenue.

Cathie Leimbach, President & Senior Trainer


Is a new learning and development platform designed to teach solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and coaches how to leverage AI to generate useful daily content in order to dominate their niche and grow their businesses.

The AI Academy was created by learning expert Steve Cunningham after he discovered the need to share and teach how using AI in his own business to generate content has been both transformational and highly profitable. Steve believes this is a once in a generation opportunity to get ahead of the curve and find a long-term competitive advantage.

By joining AI Academy you will instantly access three main benefits:
  1. 24-Hour Idea-to-Cash Playbook: You will discover how Steve turned an idea into cash within 24-hours and sealed a deal with a Fortune 500 company in under a week. If you're a coach or aspiring to become one, this powerful strategy to use AI to create a compelling learning product will revolutionize your impact and income.
  2. 10-Minute Daily Content Marketing Playbook: Learn how to pinpoint your prospects' pain points and create laser-targeted content using AI in just 10 minutes a day. Launch a compelling email, podcast, and LinkedIn content strategy that deeply connects with your audience and drives results. Using AI, in only 10 minutes a day.
  3. Exclusive AI-Powered Entrepreneur Community: We are building the #1 community for solopreneurs dedicated to harnessing AI's potential. As the AI revolution unfolds, this supportive network will be an invaluable resource for growth, collaboration, and success.

Here is a link to a quick video from our Founder about the program, how it’s structured and what you can expect to see in the months to come. As the world of AI continues to evolve, so will the program. Our goal is to provide the most up-to-speed strategies and ideas to help keep our members successful.

The AI Academy can be accessed through our coaching and development platform for If you’re signed for the program you’ll see a tab in the main navigation once you’ve logged in. If you haven’t yet signed-up, you can do so by visiting this link here.

Currently, AI Academy is only available as a web application via, but this may change in the future.

Pricing for the AI Academy can be found by visit this page here.

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